We take a lifespan approach to the study of aging. Much of our work focuses on older adults, supporting them to live connected, active lives. We do this through our community engagement, research, and evaluation.

We engage scholars, community stakeholders, and government partners to improve the social, mental, and physical health of older people. We are changing lives and communities through our work to develop and implement health-promoting initiatives.

We are community-based researchers who use qualitative and quantitative methods to better understand how and why successful interventions work, and how they can be implemented to reach a wider population.


Our research and evaluation link scholars from across disciplines, government, and community stakeholders to solve some urgent problems of our day – as a means to enhance the lives of older people.



We engage community partners, government stakeholders, other researchers and older adults themselves as authentic partners in the research process.


We have a long history of working in implementation science, the study of methods to promote the uptake of research findings and evidence-based practices into real-world use.


Knowledge translation and exchange is a process that brings research out of laboratories and into communities and homes so our innovations improve the world around us.

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