Our impact is connected, active lives...

We know that social connection and physical activity are at the very foundation of health. Yet, we continue to see headlines that declare pandemics of loneliness and inactivity- with grave consequences. This is true for people of all ages, but it becomes acutely serious as we get older. This negative narrative is challenging and can feel insurmountable.

We come with solutions. We know that there are interventions that effectively improve social connectivity and physical inactivity among older adults in a research setting, but these interventions only reach a handful of people. We can transform the health of a popultion by understanding how to scale-up such an intervention. By understanding how to scale an effective intervention, we can replicate the process with other interventions. These tools can be used broadly.

Our findings support community organizations, policy-makers, and older adults themselves, for health.

We transform policy and practice. We change lives.

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