We engage community partners, government stakeholders, other researchers, and older adults themselves as authentic partners in the research process.

A key feature of our programs of research is stakeholder engagement. From the beginning, we link scholars from across disciplines, government, and community to solve some of the most urgent health problems and to create exciting health-promoting opportunities. Listening, collaboration, and partnerships are essential to the success of our research.

Settings for this work span home, schools, community, and assisted living.


We work with community-based organizations and groups who are experts and experienced at delivering fun, diverse health-promoting innovations.

We collaborate with scholars across Canada and around the world to tackle some of the most exciting opportunities relating to aging and health. Our engagement includes collaboration, think tanks,  and symposia.

This project evaluated how the built and social environments are associated with older adult mobility - the physical capacity to walk or move within communities.

The Arbutus Greenway is a 9 km multi-modal active transportation corridor currently undergoing phased development. The planned completion date is 2020.

A program of research to understand and how engagement in physical activity shapes mens’ perception of and relationship with their health.

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